Providing football and cheerleading for children between the ages of 7-14 throughout mid connecticut.

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  General Meeting Committee Meetings Benchmarks
jan Elections
Proposed ages/weights changes
Cheer Competition Committee Formed
Cheer Rules/Regs Committee formed
Cheer Camp Committee Formed
 New E Board meeting
feb Vote on proposed Ages/Weights Bylaws Meeting League Reps
Cheerleading meeting to form committees
mar Game Scheduling Committee Formed Bylaws wrap up with League Reps
Bylaws with cheer Reps
Football Rules and Regs meeting
Cheerleading Rules and Regs Meeting
april Set Dues Football Rules and Regs final
Cheer Rules and Regs final
may Pay Dues
Team Declarations
Game Scheduling Committee
Cheer Competition Committee
Cheer Camp Committee
Cheer camp and Competition
venues and fees should be set
june Proposed Rules/Regs and Bylaw changes
Scholarship committee formed
Cheer team declarations
Game Scheduling Committee
Cheer Competition Committee
july Vote on proposed rules/regs/bylaws Scholarship Committee Schedule out by 2nd week of July
aug Book Signing / Trophy Return    
sept no meeting    
nov Football Rules and Regs Committee formed
Bylaw Committee Formed
dec Nominations for Exec Board Positions Rules/Regs Committee (ages/weights)